Hi, I’m Allie. Thanks for stopping by the site.

Think of me as a mild-mannered reporter by day, a Netflix enthusiast by night and an existential weirdo pretty much all the time.

I live in Dubuque, Iowa, and write about education for the local newspaper. Basically, I get paid to write and tell people’s stories, which is pretty much the dream.

I also do entirely too much thinking for a 20-something human being. Sometimes, the only way to get out of my head is to write things down, so I try to record my random musings here.

I love telling a good story, whether that’s for the paper, through my personal writing or by telling a story that’s context-laden and about five times longer than it needs to be. There’s just something about stories that helps us connect with each other and see ourselves as part of something bigger than what we can see.

My personal writing runs the gamut of topics about life, faith, deconstruction, reconstruction, my cat, adulting, volunteering, overthinking and whatever else weighs on my mind. I try to tell stories that anyone can relate to because I have a hunch we’re more alike than we think.

When I’m not writing, I often find myself working with young people and volunteering and trying to make adult friends. I also spend a lot of time attempting to meditate with varying degrees of success.

I’m a Midwest transplant from Texas, and I love that the weather is cooler here and the leaves change colors in the fall. I also have a not-so-secret admiration for T.S. Eliot, Parks and Recreation, Harry Potter and the em dash.

(Main website photo by Kaylee Everly.)


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