MU hosts Suicide Prevention Week


COLUMBIA – Rachel Lawrence works on a sign for Suicide Prevention Week. These signs will be displayed around campus. (Allie Hinga/J2150F)

The Wellness Resource Center is helping bring mental health awareness to campus during Suicide Prevention Week.

According to Suicide Prevention Graduate Assistant Rachel Lawrence, suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and everybody will be affected by mental health issues at some point in knowing someone who experiences them.

“We’re kind of just trying to get recognition that that this is important and you don’t have to be confused,” she said.


COLUMBIA – Rachel Lawrence works at the Wellness Resource Center. She is the Suicide Prevention Graduate Assistant. (Allie Hinga/J2150F)

Tonight, MU will be showing the documentary “The Truth About Suicide” at 7:00 p.m. in the Benton Bingham Ballroom and will hold a panel afterward. Thursday, the campus will hold a suicide prevention training session at 12 upstairs in the student center.


COLUMBIA – The Wellness Resource Center is helping host Suicide Prevention Week. Events are planned through Friday, Nov. 11. (Allie Hinga/J2150F)


16 thoughts on “MU hosts Suicide Prevention Week

  1. Allie-
    This is such an important topic to cover and I’m glad you found the story! You did a great job of explaining what the event was and what activities went along with it. I like your quotes and how your pictures go along with what your saying in the story. Great job on this!

  2. Good work, Allie! Like the two people above me said, this is such an important topic that I’m assuming students aren’t aware about – good call on finding out more! I would have liked to see another quote maybe; one that’s a little more in-depth, but the one you have isn’t bad by any means. I’m glad you ended your article with what’s to come. It gives the readers a way to find out more information on this topic. Nice job!

  3. I like how you divided the story with photos and concluded with a way that people can become involved with suicide prevention week. Also, I’m not sure if this is a typo but your quote from Lawrence says “that that,” which seems awkward. Great job though!

  4. I really like that you have 3 pictures instead of just doing the requirement. I also like that you give background on the event as a whole, then focus in on the event of the night. Make sure you watch out for passive tense; there seems to be a lot of it. I thought it was a very informative and well-done story though!

  5. Very good pictures! All three showed something different and added to the story’s effectiveness. This was a great article for students to read, and an even more important event for students to pay attention to, due to (like you said) how it effects everyone. You covered a very important and sensitive topic well!

  6. Awesome storie Allie! You chose a very important and relevant topic. I like how you took a very broad topic like Suicide Prevention Week and localized it. You made your story relatable and even provided information on how people can get involved.

  7. Nice job, Allie! Very nice overview piece of Suicide Prevention Week in such a short article. You have nice captions and photos, as well. But maybe you could’ve gotten a photo of the sign instead of just the outside of the Wellness Resource Center because that photo is kind of generic. But you have good writing and I like that you end with a preview of the future events. Good work!

  8. Nice job Allie! Did you ask Rachel how she got involved with suicide prevention and the WRC? I would have liked something a little more personal about her, since she was the main source and the subject of the photos.

  9. Great story! You provided all the important information briefly so anyone reading has all the important questions answered without having to spend a long time looking everything up or sorting through a news story. I also really like all your pictures!

  10. Thanks for your feedback, guys. I’m glad you thought the information was really relevant. I was definitely going for writing a story that was important and made it easy for people to get involved.

    It was also good for me to see your critiques. I think given more time and space, I would love to go deeper with this story and flesh out even more information. Emily, thanks for your advice on that last photo. Looking back, I can definitely see where you are coming from about it being a bit generic.

    Thanks for reading over my work, guys!


  11. Great job with the coverage! Suicide is of course a very sensitive issue, but you handled this well in you coverage of this event. My only problem was with your second picture. I don’t really think it added much to your story, especially since your source is present in your first picture.

  12. Allie,
    Nice work. I like how you put the statistic in to give the readers a little more of an idea about what they are reading and why it is such a big deal. Followed up with the quote about why the event is taking place. Nice use of information. The pictures are great too!

  13. Allie,
    Awesome post. I liked that you had 3 photos instead of just the required 2. I also really like the first pictures. I thought it gave a sense of action to the story rather than people just sitting at a desk. You could have tried to play with different angles for the last two pictures, but overall good job.

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