How to change directions

It’s been over a week since I’ve written an education story. My last three clips are as follows: police investigating a convenience store robbery, an Earth Day festival, and a meeting about a planned water main.

It seems I’ve been trying on some different reporting hats.

I’ve kind of missed writing education stories. I’ve finally reached a point where I’m relatively comfortable with them, and I know who to talk to when I get a story. But on the other hand, I’ve kind of liked the last few stories I’ve done. They’ve shown me that all the things I’ve learned on the education beat apply well to other beats as well. They’ve helped me become more comfortable with different types of reporting.

I ended up doing a story for GA about a meeting to gather public opinion on plans for a new water main. The story was straightforward enough, but definitely something I wasn’t familiar with. But I was able to learn enough in a short time frame to put together a quick meeting advance. It was a small story, but I was proud of it, because it helped me see that I’ve grown enough to feel confident in learning things quickly. I also got to put in my first graphics request, which was kind of cool.

And now onto my next change of directions: I’m no longer going to be doing a story on mental health services in the schools. It turns out a capstone group in the j-school already had it covered. So I mean, at least I wasn’t the only one thinking about that.

But I admit, it was disappointing. I had been pretty excited about not only successfully pitching a story, but having come up with my own story that was really a good idea. It was rough. I may or may not have teared up a little bit.

But I’ll be okay. Liz told me I have the evening to feel bad about it, and then tomorrow I get to come back, be done with being upset and figure out a new story to pitch. And I plan on doing that. I am going to take a day or two to brainstorm, and then I’ll come back with a new story to pitch so I can finish the semester strong.

New story: Columbia Water and Light asking for input on proposed water main


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