I’m alive!

Yes, good people, it’s true.

After three months of working as a day camp counselor in Colorado, going on lovely hikes, having slow a internet connection, taking mediocre pictures of awesome sunsets on my phone and completely neglecting this particular blog, I am back at Mizzou and gearing up for the semester.

It’s already pretty clear to me that this semester is going be be substantially different than the last one. I won’t be working at the Missourian, which automatically completely changes the way I’ll be spending my time. I’m also going to be taking more classes this semester, few of which are reporting-based. So I’m kind of expecting a few months of hunkered down academia before I take another foray into the newsroom in the spring, hopefully to work the copy desk.

But I’m getting ahead of myself with that.

I’m actually fairly excited about most of my classes this fall. I’ll be in three English classes as part of my other major, and I’ll be taking three journalism classes: History of Journalism, Intermediate Writing and Intro to News Editing. Specifically, I’m looking forward to those last two classes. I’m expecting Intermediate Writing to be my more reporting-based class for the semester, which I am hoping will help me build on the work I did last spring at the Missourian and will help me grow my confidence as a reporter. And I’ll be honest, the grammar/English geek inside me is jumping up and down at the thought of taking an editing class. Seriously, I borderline find editing things therapeutic, so I’m hoping this will be a good class for me.

The pace of this semester is going to be wildly different than the last one, but I think it’s going to be good. It’s going to be a chance to hone some of the skills I learned in reporting, a chance to really sit back and think about my work and growth as a journalist and to think about where I want to take what I’ve been learning. I’m hoping to gain more confidence in my abilities and get myself prepared for more staff classes both in the spring and during my senior year.

I guess this blog will look different this semester as well. I’ll probably continue to post about what I’m learning and how I’m growing as a journalist, but in keeping with the semester, the pace is going to be different. I’m thinking I’ll post once a week about my classes and any insights I’m gaining about what it takes to survive the J-school and what I’m going to do with what I’ve learned.

I think this will be a semester of pretty sweet growth for me, both as a young journalist and as a person. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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