Digging out

(This post re-blogged from Spring ’13 Advanced Reporting.)

I got a ticket Thursday afternoon while driving all of two blocks away from my house.

I’m a little embarrassed about the why, but suffice it to say that Texan plus snow plus a car is a bad combination. The most important thing I’ve learned during the course of this wintry week is that a bad storm can turn a passable driver into an incompetent one. Legitimately, I’m borderline useless.

The plus side of spending 15 minutes drumming my fingers while the police officer took down my information is that it woke me up to how unfocused I’ve been progressively becoming. While I’d managed to balance all my obligations thus far, I’d started falling into the trap of mindlessly trudging through all my tasks.

I’ve been attentive with my reporting, and I’ve worked hard, but for the last week, I’ve started to feel the strain of all my responsibilities hitting me at once — that slightly panicked feeling where I wonder how I’m ever going to get everything finished. I’ve felt flustered and stressed out, and I’ve found it hard to fully focus on my tasks at hand. (This is mostly just the last few days — not an ongoing problem or anything.)

So I guess the snow isn’t the only thing that’s left me feeling buried.

But now that my lack of focus has gotten me a nasty fine and a reprimand from local law enforcement, I’m getting myself refocused on my current reporting assignments, returning to a more rigid schedule and figuring out how to pay attention in my other classes.

It’s time for me to brush off the snow and start moving. I’ve got a lot of reporting and writing to do in the next couple of weeks, so I’m narrowing my attention to make sure everything gets done on time.

I’m digging myself out of the haze, and I’m back to being all in.


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