Apparently, I’ve forgotten half the point of this blog

In the past couple of months, I’ve published a long profile, a project consisting of several short profiles, a crime brief, a story about an MU student who died, and three public records posts.

But you wouldn’t know that, because I haven’t posted about them here.


I’ve been regularly posting about my experiences and feelings and life-lessons and growing pains, but I just checked, and the last time I posted something that published was almost two months ago. I promise, I’ve done quite a lot in the last two months.

So, because I’ve been neglecting that aspect of my blog, and because I really don’t want to do my homework, here’s a rundown of what I’ve done since the end of February.

The Faces of Change project

For the last couple of months, I worked on a project for the paper’s spring special section, which focused on how the city of Columbia has developed in recent years. During a brainstorming and story pitching session with my editor, we dreamed up the idea to compile short profiles of community members who had been affected by change and progress. The result was seven stories of people who had resisted, embraced or been swept away by change in recent years. The story ran in the Sunday paper as a three-page spread, plus the front-page center piece. It also ran online and in the e-book of the Missourian’s special section.

Psychology professor Kenneth Wang has spent a lifetime adjusting to change

Moving past recession, developer Fred Overton puts subdivisions on the map

Cardiologist brings latest heart-mapping system to Boone Hospital

For more than 75 years, Ernie’s Cafe has built success on consistency

Jim Shaw fights to keep rural lifestyle as city growth surrounds his farm

Teacher Beth Newton takes classroom technology to a new level

Downtown Columbia is canvas for third-generation builder


I wrote a longer story about an associate professor at a local college who received a Fulbright to Uruguay. This was the story I mentioned in my last post, the one that was pretty much ready to go with a few tweaks after the first draft.

Columbia College professor Nathan Means receives Fulbright to Uruguay

Show Me the Records

Because I have a class during the advanced reporting GA shift time, I wrote several short pieces for the Missourian’s “Show Me the Records” section, which highlights different government records accessible by the public. They were fairly straightforward, but it was an interesting way to do some sleuthing through government websites and to recognize the importance of the public record.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: District report cards compare data between Columbia Public Schools, state

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: County website details election results

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Census data provides city demographic data

Other stories

I took on a couple of quick turn pieces by virtue of being in the newsroom at the right time without anything pressing enough to keep me from helping out with some breaking news coverage. I wrote a crime brief about an arrest in a sexual misconduct report, and I co-wrote an article about an MU student who died (which, to my credit, I did mention in an earlier post).

MU police make arrest in connection with Wednesday’s sexual misconduct reports

MU art student dies

So, good people, lest you fear I’ve been lazy for the last couple of months, hopefully this post has laid that notion to rest. I promise that I’ll at least try to be more conscientious about posting my work in the future, which will definitely happen a few times before the end of the semester.


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