One story down, one semester to go

In my last couple of posts, I directly hinted at a big story I was working on — in fact, I checked, and I’ve been hinting at the possibility of this story since something like April.

Well, it published. A little over a week ago. I suppose my elation was such that blogging wasn’t at the top of my mind. It happens sometimes.

But it’s done. And for a moment, with the story wrapped up and a semester that’s still picking up steam, I’m breathing easier than I have in, well, a while.

Finishing came with its difficult moments — an extensive accuracy checking process; re-reading the story until I might as well have memorized it; winding up in the newsroom the day before it ran, looking at graphics — but I made my peace with the process. When I woke up last Monday and saw it on the site, I knew I’d done my job to the best of my abilities.

At first, it was really weird for me to admit to myself that the story was finished. I sat on the floor in RJI for like 45 minutes, purposelessly scrolling through Facebook and wondering what to do with myself. The story had been hovering at the back of my mind for months, and just like that, it was done.

Fortunately, I’ve got enough of a life that I’ve turned my attention to plenty of other things. I can focus more on my job at the Missourian, my capstone project is starting to take off, and I’ve got tests to put off studying for. Also, my investigative reporting class comes with a semester-long project, and this afternoon my teacher and I settled on an avenue for me to explore.

Basically, the work never ends, and I’m OK with that. But for a moment, I have the chance to take a deep breath and reflect on what I’ve learned and the fact that I don’t have any immediate obligations.

Except for the test I’m putting off studying for to write this post. So it goes.

Story: Columbia’s Veterans United Home Loans finds success with niche market, company culture


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