Cities and adventures

Last night, about a week and a half after I moved out to Kansas City for my summer internship, one of my roommates walked into the living room and asked me if I wanted to have an adventure. She’d heard about this great spot where you can catch a pretty sweet glimpse of the Kansas City skyline.

I thought about it for a moment, trying to decide whether to go. I was a little tired and would have been fine with staying home, content to waste time on the Internet. I’ve been trying to stretch time out as much as possible because I’m not quite sure I want the reality of graduation to fully hit me. Part of my strategy is to do things that make time pass more slowly.

But I agreed to come along because I figured a bit of adventure would be good for me. We met our other roommate as we were leaving our apartment complex, and the three of us drove out to Kaw Point,  just across the river and the Missouri-Kansas border. We hopped out of the car and trekked down the hill to the water’s edge.

A couple miles out, we could see Kansas City silhouetted in the distance, the bright, colorful city lights illuminating the mass of skyscrapers and lighting up the river in front of us.  I whipped out a smart phone and tried to snap a photo, but the light was too distant and the dark too, well, dark for me to get anything more than a blur. So the three of us stood back and gaped at the sight, telling each other how magnificent it looked.

And in its own way, I suppose that’s what it was: magnificent.

I don’t consider myself to be a particularly adventurous person, a tendency that’s been magnified as I’ve moved away from the city I called home for almost four years and as I adjust to life in a new place with new people. It’s easier to feel insecure when everything is unfamiliar, which makes it easy to hide behind my old habits and my laptop screen.

But I’ve been reminding myself that I want to actually do things this summer, rather than sit in my room and watch endless episodes of science fiction television, which mostly sums up what I was doing this time last year when I was home from work. So I’ve been going on little adventures and trying to take advantage of having a couple of months of transition before I have to land a full-time job.

I don’t think it’s quite hit me that I graduated two and a half weeks ago. For a long time, I was terrified of graduating. It felt, and still feels sometimes, like too big of an adventure for me. Not knowing where I’ll end up in a couple of months  is more than a little unnerving.

But then there are times when I drive out with my roommates to catch a glimpse of the skyline. I never really saw myself as a city person, but sights like that make me think a place like this could grow on me. And it reminds me that, maybe, a little adventure and uncertainty isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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