Intern brain

I’ve been interning at The Kansas City Star for a little over two weeks now — two weeks of settling into the new job, figuring out the pace of writing for a metro-daily and readjusting to being a full-time reporter.

As I move out of the awkward adjustment phase that is the first couple of weeks on any job, I’m finding that I really enjoy it here so far. I’ve had the opportunity to turn some interesting stories that have both stretched me out of my comfort zone let me do the kinds of reporting I like best. The reporters and editors in the office have been friendly and helpful, and I’ve had a few really good conversations with people in the newsroom.

That said, the past couple of weeks have been busy, and it’s tough to jam all the things I’ve been thinking about into a concise, narrative post that won’t bore you to tears. However, they told me in journalism school that people will read lists. So I figure I’ll put my bachelor’s degree to good use.

Thus do I present, organized in a convenient list, “Thoughts I’ve had in my first two weeks at The Kansas City Star:”

  1. “First day free intern lunch. Better not count on too many of these.”
  2. “I feel like reporting is 50 percent hard work, 50 percent praying the phone will ring.”
  3. “We get free intern lunch how often?!?”
  4. “I haven’t even been here a week, and I’m already writing a story about road construction. I can get used to this.”
  5. “The reporter in the cubicle next to me tells her sources she’s a ‘crazy verifier’ when she calls them back to check things. I have found my people.”
  6. “I don’t think I’ve ever used Twitter this much as a reporting tool …  And I’m writing about people giving away free money.”
  7. “I feel like I’m not doing enough… *five minutes later* HOW AM I GOING TO GET ALL THIS DONE?”
  8. “I just interviewed someone for an hour and a half. This is the definition of success.”
  9. “I get to cover my first court hearing? Sounds cool.”
  10. “Actually, that hearing was really sad. I’m not sure how I feel about what I just heard. But I was there, and I wrote about it. And I feel in my gut that what I did was important.”
  11. “Having a conversation with my coworkers about how some of the best journalists are kind of neurotic. Most reassuring day ever.”
  12. “I’m worried I’m not as good at this as I think I am.”
  14. “The elevator at City Hall is so tall and fast that my ears just popped.”
  15. “You know what? I have a pretty cool job.”

New stories: Roe Avenue bridge closures worry businesses near I-435, Hidden cash craze hits the Kansas City area, Nearly a month after a tornado, much recovery work remains in Orrick, Mo., Teen testifies that he was abused by the father he is accused of killing



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