#postgrad greeting cards

Being 23 is weird, sometimes.

For me, it’s been a time of pretty impressive tension, a time where I’m making some pretty huge transitions — sometimes it’s awesome; sometimes it sucks; sometimes it’s both at once.

Which means it’s a perfect point of view to exploit for humor.

The other day, I told a friend that watching endless hours of Netflix would seem less lame if she were with me, and for some reason, I decided my phrasing sounded like a twisted greeting card. So I wondered what other kinds of things would go into funny cards involving recent college graduates.

This is what I came up with.

(A disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be a knock on any part of my life right now. I’ve got a good job in a place I like with people who are pretty cool. I consider myself pretty lucky to have circumstances as good as I do right now. But I am in a time of huge transition, and that’s confusing at times. It’s that confusion that I’m trying to exploit for humor. It helps me remember when I have a bad day that I do, in fact, have it pretty good right now.)

Thinking of you:

thinking of you

Season’s greetings:

christmas card

Valentine’s Day:

valentines day

Happy birthday:

second birthday card




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