Some days, the world is heavy.

You wake up to find that the weight of the world’s pain has settled down on your chest, curled up and unmoving and staring you down so you can’t ignore it.

You worry about yourself, that a particular comment or conversation topic will send you over the edge and make you someone you don’t want to be.

You check the locks on your doors and the settings on your alarm clock several extra times before you leave the house or go to bed because right now you don’t really trust yourself.

You wander through a few days on edge, half thinking to yourself that hope seems a little trite.

But there are antidotes.

You go for a long drive and listen to music.

You heed the suggestion of a friend and watch YouTube videos of Ellen DeGeneres giving people free stuff.

You step back from the conversations that you’re just too emotional to have right now.

You listen to perspectives from people who agree with you, and you listen to perspectives from people who don’t, and you remember that most issues boil down to real people with real feelings.

You remember one of your favorite blog posts from a website you like, where the author wrote that “Most people, most of the time, are just doing the best they can.”

You let yourself feel sad in front of your roommate, and she helps you remember the things you’re thankful for.

You try to practice compassion toward others.

And you give yourself some grace.



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