For a little over a year, I produced a column for The Joplin Globe. Each week, I researched, reported, contemplated and wrote a piece relevant to my beat that also allowed me space to express my thoughts and connect more closely with readers.

My hope is that through these columns, I was able to facilitate better conversations with the community I served.

Here are a few pieces I wrote during that time:

Allie Hinga: When it comes to racing, Neosho area teen knows what he wants (The Joplin Globe)

Allie Hinga: Leroy Wilson leaves a legacy of leadership for Girl Scouts (The Joplin Globe)

Allie Hinga: Learning about new places means taking little for granted (The Joplin Globe)

Allie Hinga: Fill up your 2016 calendar with Neosho events (The Joplin Globe)

Allie Hinga: In retirement, former Crowder president turns to writing novels (The Joplin Globe)

Allie Hinga: Old car holds an abundance of miles, memories (The Joplin Globe)

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Twitter: @alliehinga

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